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Just Call Me Goody-Two-Shoes

“Julie A. Gorges writes Just Call Me Goody-Two Shoes to perfection. A fast paced, well-developed quick read, this book will make us think about choices we have to make.”

Jade Haddock, 15, wants life to be perfect. Her room is kept immaculate, clothes are always pressed, and lists are an addiction. So how did her life get so messy? As Jade comes to grips with the trauma of an older brother’s addictions and falls for the guy her best friend is dating, she discovers life isn’t always neat and orderly and choices aren’t always simple.

Time to Cast Away

“This heartrending book will not leave you, even long after the last page has been read.” The Compulsive Reader

When do you let go of a friendship that isn’t working anymore? This is the decision Meg Johnson, 16,  faces when she realizes that her relationship with her best friend has become negative, critical, and damaging.

The story, told through diary entries of a teenage girl who has died, shows that staying in a destructive relationship can have tragic consequences. In this powerful novel, we learn that sometimes it’s crucial to “cast away” someone we love.


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